Saturday, December 7, 2013


We never got that pumpkin batch taken care of.  skipping ahead, December means fresh ciders from Solebury.  Our order has been picked up.  10 gallons of granny smith are ready to go for this year's cider season

We're diversifying this year.  After poor reviews of the granny with Wyeast Cider Yeast, we're looking at three other strains of yeast.

2.75 gallons w/ London ESB yeast + Medium American Oak
2.5 gallons w/ Lalvin EC-1118
3.25 gallons w/ Safale S-04

All three prepared with potassium metabisulfite.  No original gravity readings taken, we don't really need to know the ABV to enjoy some granny.

1.5 gallons for us to drink pre-fermenting.    Initial tastes of the fresh cider suggest this year should be more flavorful than last.  Initial results in 4-6 weeks. Oak results in much longer.

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