Brew List

 Beer  Name Brewed On Description Brewery Team
Frozen Toe       January, 2011         Our Inaugural Beer.  An IPA     Jeff, Bill G, Scott
WmGa Chuck February, 2011 A tribute to the non beer drinking brewer in our organization Jeff
Karma Prez February, 2011 A Carmel Cream Ale for Presidents' Day Weekend Jeff, Jon
Buried Dead March, 2011 A Rogue Dead Guy Ale Clone Jeff
Morita Mascada March, 2011 A deep ruddish ale with a large helping of Morita and Meco Chiles Jeff
Buried Alive     April 2011 A dead guy clone with an immort ale conditioning Jeff, William
Palna Toki May 2011 A second offering of hard cider on top of the Buried Alive yeast cake Jeff, William
Morita Mascada2 May 2011 A rerelease of the chipotle ale Jeff, William
Hopomok IPA June 2011 Devilish Algonquin spirit in IPA form Jeff
Mossy Mire June 2011 Chocolate Mint Stout Jeff, William
WmGa Chuck2 June 2011 Hard cider prepared with Hopomok yeast Jeff, William, Carlos
Red clay July 2011 A sweet Irish Red Ale Jeff
Lamb Day Lager July 2011 A steam lager with Oktoberfest Styling for Lamb Day 2011 Jeff
Blonde Julep  July 2011  A Blonde Ale accented with fresh mint for Lamb Day 2011 Jeff
Lignite August 2011Strong Scotch Ale Jeff
Gourdie Ale September 2011First all-grain batch, a pumpkin ale for the harvest and hockey season    Jeff
WmGa Chuck3 September 2011Revised hard cider recipe, with blueberry honey Jeff, William
Kīpuka October 2011 Coconut brown ale Jeff
Belsnickel October 2011 Winter warmer seasonal made with whole cherries, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla Jeff
November 2011 All-grain version of the Karma Prez, caramel cream ale Jeff, William
GramGa Chuck    December 2011Fresh Granny Smith cider turned Hard     Jeff, William
Granny Crisp December 2011Fresh Honey Crisp and Granny Smith blended cidersJeff, William

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