Saturday, December 21, 2013

Buried Castle Upgrades

Buried Castle will have been fermenting for 3 years in January.  In that time, we have made some slow changes to our equipment and practices.  It's been almost 1/2 a year since we setup the fermentation chamber, now it's time to expand our ability to use it.

Just in, we have doubled our lagering capacity (almost twice).  Today, we add one 3-gallon better bottle and one 6 gallon better bottle to the fleet of fermenters, bringing our total lagering capacity to 6 gallons (we can fit one 6 gallon or 2 3 gallons in the chamber at a time)  and total fermenter space to 28 gallons.  No, we don't have plans right now to have 28 gallons actively fermenting, but there is plan in place for all the better bottles.

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