Saturday, November 5, 2011


After a trip to pick up stuff in Levittown, we visited the restaurant store and got that new brew pot.  As a consequence we had no choice but to head to Keystone Homebrew, grab some grains, hops, and yeast and test the new pot.

Up first for the new 10gallon brewpot: an all-grain version of Karma Prez (brew #2 in Buried Castle History).

The new pot has been initiated, the wort is in the fermenter and the flyers are destroying the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It's been a long time since 3 fermenters were in use at the same time:  #1 = Kīpuka, #2 =Belsnickel, #3 = Karma2.  that means a lot of bottling coming up soon.  Thanks to everyone for the bottle donations.  Expect variety packs available by Chrstimas Break,

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